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Atty. Mark VanCleave
Principal attorney Mark VanCleave has practiced law for over 19 years. Our office handles a wide variety of personal injury cases as well as business/commercial litigation matters. We serve clients in Baytown, the Houston area and throughout the State of Texas.

Our personal injury practice includes helping those who have been injured as a result of the negligence of others in auto accidents, 18 wheeler accidents, and other types of incidents. We handle all types of serious injury and death cases. We also sue drunk drivers who cause an accident and injure our clients.

Additionally, we handle injuries that occur on the property of another. These injuries can happen inside of a store, a restaurant, or even on a sidewalk. Injuries resulting from a defective product are another type of case we take on. Defective drugs or drugs that did not contain proper warnings are an all too common part of life. When profits come before safety, we take issue with that. We're here to make the makers of those defective products accountable for their negligent behavior.
Bottom line: no matter how you were injured, our team will be dedicated to ensuring that justice is served in your matter.
Our business and commercial litigation practice focuses on disputes that tend to happen during the ordinary course of business. An agreement between two businesses gets broken; a dispute between partners or stakeholders of a company; fraudulent behavior; defamation, and more.

Our Mission

Our mission is to hold wrongdoers accountable for their actions. We'd love to discuss your case with you to see if we can help.

For a free initial consultation, please give our office a call at 281-303-8800.