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With over 20 years of experience, attorney Mark VanCleave handles a large variety of personal injury and business litigation matters. If you suffered accidental injuries or have a business dispute, you need an attorney like Mr. VanCleave to represent your interests. Mr. VanCleave dedicates himself to serving clients throughout the Baytown area of Texas, serving clients from communities such as Highlands, Crosby and Channelview.

If you have experienced an auto accident or are involved in business litigation, you need a skilled attorney who will fight for you. Attorney Mark VanCleave has the experience and dedication you need to get justice and financial compensation, no matter how you were injured or wronged.

How We Can Help

We represent people who are victims of auto accidents involving cars driven by drunk drivers, 18 wheelers and other motorized vehicles. We can help with cases involving serious injury and death. The Law Offices of Mark D. VanCleave, PLLC, will work hard to ensure justice is served.

Mr. VanCleave will evaluate your claim and help prove negligence so you can get the compensation you deserve. Personal injury cases often involve a lot of information, such as medical bills, insurance claims and police reports. An experienced lawyer like Mr. VanCleave knows how to sift through the information to get you the best outcome possible, based on your circumstances.

We also take cases involving injuries and property liability, such as in a store, at a restaurant or on a sidewalk, and injuries resulting from defective products or improperly labeled or defective drugs. We diligently defend people harmed in favor of business profits. We do not tolerate negligent behavior on the part of businesses and large corporations and will support and work with you if you suffered harm or losses.

Do Not Hesitate To Get Justice

Our office is dedicated to serving you and holding wrongdoers accountable, and we will take your call any time of the day or week. If you suffered a personal injury or need help navigating business litigation, do not hesitate to contact us. Our office is dedicated to helping you get justice.

Call us at our Baytown office for a free initial consultation. We can start discussing the issues and give you more information, with no upfront fees. Contact us at 281-738-5832 or through our website.

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