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Look out for drivers dressed in green this weekend

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2022 | Drunk Driving Accidents

Spotting a drunk driver can be challenging. Typically your best best is to watch out for erratic driving behaviors. For example, failing to stay in their lane, failing to maintain a consistent speed, or failing to leave a green light on time. Yet this weekend, there may be an easier way to spot drunk drivers.

If you see someone wearing green, it’s safest to assume they might have been drinking.

This weekend a lot of people will be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

March 17 and the following weekend is a massive money-maker for local bars and restaurants. After two lost years, they will be pushing hard to make a big profit by encouraging people to drink more. While those special offers can seem tempting, they can also prove deadly.

The cost of alcohol plays a significant role in limiting how much people drink. When it suddenly becomes cheaper for a day, people are likely to drink more than usual. When those people get in their car and drive, it makes the roads more dangerous. 

Drinking plays a massive role in crash statistics on certain days of the year

Not only do many individuals drink more than usual on days such as St. Patrick’s or Fourth of July, but more people drink — period. Drinking is part of how many people celebrate particular dates, and statistics show vehicle crashes rise accordingly.

If someone crashes into you this weekend, assuming alcohol was a factor is a good place to start. With appropriate legal help, you can discover all factors that contributed to the crash and get the compensation you deserve.