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Trucker fatigue: Preventable cause of catastrophic crashes

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2022 | Car Accidents

Long-haul truckers provide a vital service to this nation. Without them, goods wouldn’t be able to get around as quickly as they do now. The issue with this is that some long-haul truckers push the limits regarding how long they can work. 

A trucker who isn’t well-rested may take risks or drive in a negligent manner. This can put others on the roads at risk of being involved in a crash. Many of these wrecks result in catastrophic injuries, and some are fatal. 

Why is fatigue an issue for truckers?

One of the main reasons why fatigue is such an issue for truckers is that they’re often on tight deadlines for delivering each haul. This can force them to drive as many hours as possible. In some cases, they may even try to drive longer than what’s allowable under current regulations. 

Unfortunately, the need to make their trucking company happy can lead to them putting others on the road in danger. A trucker who hasn’t had enough sleep and who’s facing a tight deadline may drive faster than they should. They may not make good decisions and have a slower reaction time than usual. 

Anyone who’s injured in a trucking crash should work to determine if the trucker was in compliance with the hours of service regulations. If they weren’t in compliance, there is a chance that fatigue factored into the wreck. This might be an important point to bring up in a claim for compensation. It’s imperative that you consider all potential causes so you can name the appropriate defendants in the matter. Having someone who’s handled these matters before can be beneficial.