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Are trucking companies ever responsible for big-rig wrecks?

On Behalf of | May 12, 2022 | Car Accidents

Whenever serious crashes occur, the police and even the insurance companies work to figure out which driver is to blame for the collision. Typically, one or more of the vehicle operators affected by the crash will have made a mistake or violated a traffic law right before the wreck.

Determining who is to blame makes it easier to file an insurance claim or to know when to file a civil lawsuit. When one of the vehicles involved is a commercial truck, that process is a bit more complex. Even if the driver is not directly to blame, sometimes, their employer could be at fault.

When is a truck company possibly liable for a crash involving one of their drivers and a fleet vehicle?

When company practices contribute to the wreck

There are several situations in which a trucking company may be to blame for a commercial vehicle collision. Inadequate vehicle maintenance is one of the more common reasons. Roughly 10% of commercial vehicle crashes are the result of an issue with a vehicle itself.

If a company fails to maintain its fleet properly, its drivers could cause crashes due to issues outside of their control. A business could also be to blame if it does a poor job of training its employees or requires that they violate the law by driving for longer than they should or exceeding the speed limit to get deliveries to clients on time.

Exploring all of your options after a commercial vehicle wreck can help you defray the often staggering expenses involved in collisions caused by huge 18-wheelers.