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Poor brake repairs could cause a crash  

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2023 | Car Accidents

You’re not mechanically minded, so you rely on professional mechanics to carry out your vehicle repairs. Maintenance is something you take very seriously, as you recognize that it’s a key part of road safety. Those who you entrust with your vehicle should share this outlook.

You recently took your car in for an inspection and you were told the brakes needed to be repaired. You were happy to let the garage carry out the necessary repairs and let you know when the car was ready for collection. You received the call and left the lot, but something just didn’t feel right. 

Is it possible that your brakes are still faulty? 

What are the electronics telling you? 

In the past, drivers were at the mercy of how their vehicles felt on the road. Now, the warning signs of problems can come much sooner. Modern vehicles are fitted with numerous sensors and electrical diagnostic systems. If there is something wrong with your brakes, then it’s likely that a warning light will appear on the dash. If this is the case, don’t take any chances by driving the vehicle until you get it sorted. 

Are there mechanical signs of trouble?

Of course, technology is not foolproof and it may fail to alert you to what’s going on. You also have to rely on your own senses. Do the brakes feel spongy when you press the pedal? Are you being pulled to one side? Is there a pool of fluid underneath the spot where your car is regularly parked? These are all signs that your brakes could be faulty. 

Garages owe you a legal duty of care. Your car should not be released until it is roadworthy. If negligent repairs have resulted in an accident that injured you, there may be ways that you can hold the establishment to account. Make sure you seek some legal guidance on the matter.