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What is distracted driving?

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2023 | Car Accidents

Car accidents happen for many reasons. Many accidents are caused by drunk drivers and speeding and others are caused by user error. One of the most common reasons for auto accidents is distracted driving.

Distracted driving occurs whenever a driver isn’t focused on the road or driving. Every second of distracted driving increases the chances of auto accidents. There are three kinds of distracted driving; here’s what you should know:

Visual distractions

Many distractions are visual. A billboard on the side of the road, a car swerving between lanes or someone walking across the road can all be considered visual distractions. Phones are a big cause of visual distractions. Drivers may look at their phones while driving while they wait for texts or look at social media during red lights. Whenever a driver is distracted by visuals they’re looking away from the road in front of them, which can make it harder to notice obstacles.

Manual distractions

Another kind of distraction is caused by drivers taking their hands off the wheel. A driver may take their hands off the wheel if they’re using a hand to hold their phone, while eating or drinking or while changing to a different radio station. Drivers who don’t have both hands on the wheel may struggle to control a vehicle to avoid causing an accident.

Cognitive distractions

A cognitive distraction occurs when the mind thinks about anything other than the task at hand. Anything that isn’t about focusing on the road could be considered a cognitive distraction. Cognitive distractions can happen suddenly and unexpectedly, such as when a phone chimes to notify there’s a text, a passenger talks to the driver or an animal suddenly runs in front of traffic.

Many drivers cause distracted driving accidents. When this happens, victims may need to learn about what they should do next to get the compensation needed for losses and injuries.