Representing Injured People

Holding Property Owners Accountable For Your Injury

A slip or fall on someone else’s property can leave you with a lifetime of consequences. Injuries such as broken bones, serious burns, nerve damage and paralysis are not uncommon. If you were seriously injured due to unsafe conditions on someone else’s property, you need a skilled attorney who can help you secure fair compensation for your injuries.

At The Law Offices of Mark D. VanCleave, PLLC, we are proud to offer clients throughout Texas guidance and counsel on filing injury claims. Our aggressive and committed representation style can be your advantage in securing the compensation you deserve in even the most complex premises liability claims.

What Are Premises Injuries?

A landowner or landlord has a duty to protect people who come onto the property from being hurt by dangerous conditions on the property that they know or should know exist. When the owner or occupier of the property does not keep you safe from such hazards, that person can be held accountable under the theory of premises liability.

Premises liability can include a wide variety of situations and injuries, but perhaps the most common type of injury is the slip-and-fall injury. Slip-and-fall injuries often occur in stores where there has been a liquid spill that someone could slip on or an area of carpet that is torn or bunched up that causes someone to trip. If the property owner or landlord knew or should have known about the hazard (i.e., the liquid or torn carpet in these examples) and did nothing, then the owner or landlord can be held liable for an injury sustained from the slip-and-fall.

Begin Pursuing Your Compensation

When someone else is liable for your injuries, do not assume that you will receive the compensation you deserve automatically. Allow us to help you fight for a settlement you can rely on now and for the future. Schedule a consultation by calling 281-720-6881 or sending an email inquiry to request a consultation at our office in Baytown. Our personal injury services are offered on a contingency basis. We only collect fees if you secure compensation.